Monday, November 16, 2009

Join Not in Our Name Concordia for our first event of the school year, celebrating Jewish and Palestinian resistance against Israeli apartheid!

Citizen Nawi
a film by Nissim Mossek

Special Jury Prize, Jerusalem Film Festival, 2007

Friday, December 4th, 2009
Concordia University Hall Building, 1455 de Maisoneuve west, room H-937
[metro Guy-Concordia]

Venue is wheelchair accessible

{On s'excuse qu'il n'y aura pas de sous-titres en français pour le film.}

To see a trailer for the film, visit:

Director Nissim Mossek dives headfirst into the life and work of Ezra Nawi, a Sephardic plumber and political activist living in Jerusalem. This touchingly personal documentary follows Ezra as he runs interference for a village of Palestinian farmers in the hills of South Hebron. The film also explores Ezra´s complicated and loving relationship with Fuad Mussa, a young Palestinian man that he shelters illegally in his home.

Veteran documentary filmmaker Nissim Mossek spent five years following Ezra, and he expertly weaves the two storylines together. As Fuad faces continued police harassment and the threat of prison time, the couple’s relationship grows more strained and Ezra turns to increasingly dangerous acts of social and political defiance. Driven by outrage and compassion, Ezra clashes continuously with the police and the army in the hope that he will be able to effect some change. Even more terrifying are his confrontations with militant Jewish settlers who are trying to push the Palestinians off the land, with Mossek capturing it all with the camera’s unflinching eye. In the raw and gritty tradition of the social documentary, Citizen Nawi delivers hope through an intimate portrait of one man’s fight for social justice.

UPDATE: On October 21, Ezra Nawi was sentenced to one month in jail for his resistance to the military's destruction of a Bedouin Palestinian village in South Hebron (documented in the film). More information at


//About Not In Our Name - Concordia//

Not In Our Name – Concordia is a new group formed to actively support anti-apartheid organizing on our campus. We strive to counter the idea that all Jews are Zionists as well as the idea that opposing Israeli apartheid and supporting Palestinian liberation and human rights is anti-Semitic. As Jews, as students and as community members, we are committed to fighting oppression in all its forms. With this in mind, we oppose anti-Semitism while at the same time recognizing the nature of Israel as an apartheid state that oppresses Palestinians. In our struggles against oppression, we find it most important to decry oppression perpetrated in our name. Thus, as Jews, we work against Israeli apartheid. Not in our name.

Contact us at or 514-848-7583

Not In Our Name Concordia is a working group of QPIRG-Concordia.


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